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     Vault 74 has opened a brand new Tattoo studio located

south of Indianapolis in the City of Greenwood.

​     Whether you are a connoisseur, occasional collector, or thinking to get your first tattoo, Vault 74 Tattoo is your best professional choice.

Walk-Ins Welcome


 Vault 74

Meet The Difference

Our team of skilled artists are trained in a variety of styles and will work with you to plan and illustrate the perfect 74ttoo

It wasn’t until my Dad said that I should, “Give it a try.” 

The first words spoke that began his tattooing career 17 years ago...

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A 25 year veteran to Tattooing,

Monte first stepped into the spotlight

only a few short years into his career,

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“People are always mad when you work on their car. But when you tattoo them, they are always grateful for your time.”

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“Yeah, this other kid the same age as me had a chest tattoo! Blew me away, and It was weird!”

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Featured Tattoo


"Nobody Fucks with
the Jesus
-Jesus Quintana

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